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Ghafoor Sports headquartered in Shah Alam Market—the busiest market of Lahore—is a trustworthy and recognized name in the trade of sports articles and accessories. It was established in 1986 to cater for the needs of regional young players of Cricket, Football, Hockey, Badminton, Swimming and Snooker and after a couple of years it extended further its business to all over Pakistan. Ghafoor Sports is the authorized distributor of various top brands of sports articles like Dunlop Tennis and Cricket Balls, Snooker and Pool Belgian Balls, England made Strachan 6811 Cloth of WSP Textile. Its shuttlecocks and Tennis balls are famous all over Pakistan and marketed under the brand names of GS Champion and Ghafoor. Its Cricket tennis balls are of high quality and marketed under the brand name of FG Don, FG Big99 and GS Wolf. Sports shoes for young and senior players are also marketed under the brand name of FG. Moreover, articles of indoor games like Ludo and Carrum are also marketed for summer seasons.

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